Gary Barlow has said that he would leave The X Factor if Geri Halliwell was to return.

Barlow admitted that he thought Halliwell "tried a bit too hard" to win the producers over with her antics.

Speaking to The Sun, Barlow said: "How you see her on TV is exactly how she is in real life.

"The crowd really didn't like her. She got booed all day long. She was a bit over-excited."

Barlow also revealed that Halliwell believed she was being trained for a permanent place on the judging panel.

He added: "She'd been told she was auditioning for the role and, bless her, I think she tried a bit too hard," he said.

"I do love her for being her, though, we had fun backstage. She's sweet but mad."

When asked if he thought the former Spice Girl would return to the reality singing competition, Barlow said: "I doubt it. And if she is, I may be going."