Chris O’Dowd’s new comedy Moone Boy starts tonight on Sky One.

Adapted from the actor’s 2010 comedy short for Sky’s Little Crackers, Moone Boy is a semi-autobiographical six-parter influenced by O’Dowd’s youth in Boyle, county Roscommon.

Written by O’Dowd and Nick Vincent Murphy (Hideaways, The Running Mate), the series is set in 1989, and follows the small town adventures of 11-year-old Martin (newcomer David Rawle).

In order to survive life with the chaotic Moone clan - mammy Debra (Deirdre O’Kane), daddy Liam (Peter McDonald) and older sisters Fidelma (Clare Monnelly), Trisha (Aoife Duffin) and Sinead (Sarah White) - Martin relies on Sean Murphy (O’Dowd) for company.

Sean is no ordinary pal as he’s imaginary - a grown man with a beard, whose middle name, Caution, gives him something of an edge.

Together, Martin and Sean negotiate various obstacles, while the rest of the Moones go about their daily business.

Tonight’s opening double bill starts with Martin celebrating his 12th birthday. He's thrilled with his Readybix bike from his parents - until the local bullies get their hands on it.

Moone Boy begins tonight (Friday Septemeber 14th) at 9.30pm on SKY ONE.