Coronation Street star Natalie Gumede has revealed details of Kirsty Soames' next outburst. Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Kirsty and her partner Tyrone (Alan Halsall) are currently celebrating the arrival of their baby daughter Ruby. However, when Tyrone returns to work, Kirsty begins to struggle with the pressures of motherhood

Speaking to All About Soap about her future storylines, Gumede said: "She's on her own in the house and swipes the plates off the table and shouts at the baby. Obviously that's an awful thing to do, but in the realms of what people might expect from Kirsty, this is quite mild! She never harms her child - she's just frustrated and upset."

She continued: "[Tyrone] walks in and Kirsty's thrown the baby mobile across the room so that's by the door. Then he sees the smashed plates - so he runs across the room to Ruby, pushing Kirsty out of the way.

"He picks Ruby up and runs straight to the doctor - he jumps to a conclusion. It's more about his perception of what has or could have happened, because he's suffered at the hands of Kirsty."

Tyrone also discovers that Kirsty has been lying about attending her counselling sessions and realises that he still cannot trust her.

Gumede added: "Her reasoning to Tyrone is that she's heard it all before and counselling wasn't helping, she couldn't face it and she felt too ashamed. But she promised over and over again to go and hasn't.

"The one thing Tyrone was holding onto was that she was finally admitting what she was doing was wrong, and now she's gone back on that. The promises of being ready to change are not ringing true. She's not ready in her own mind yet, and that's what worries him."