Villagers frontman Conor J. O'Brien admits to Alan Corr at Electric Picnic that the band had a few rows while making their forthcoming album.

It’s been two years since Villagers released their award winning album, Becoming A Jackal, and they have now promised a new offering early next year. In the meantime, they are whetting our appetites with a new single, The Waves, which sounds like they are going down a more electronic route.

However, Conor J. O’Brien told Alan Corr that they deliberately put out this single to shake up people’s idea of their music. He said: "We have never used electronic before. It [The Waves] is very electronic and the whole album isn’t that way to be honest. There are lots of electronic moments. This is the most blippy one. But we brought it out first on purpose because we wanted to rock the boat a little bit.”

Speaking about why it there has been a bit of a gap between the two albums Conor told Alan that he is a bit of a perfectionist. “Yes, yes I am.”

And when asked if that meant he was difficult to work with while making the new album, Conor said: “I don’t know, I can’t speak for the other guys, but there was definitely a few blow outs but we made it through. It you want to make anything of worth I guess you need to have a few arguments to get your way.”

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