Louise and Ellie McNamara from Heathers chat to Alan Corr at Electric Picnic about their new album Kingdom which is released on September 7.

The Dublin sisters are gearing up for the release of their second album, Kingdom, which is the follow-up to the hugely popular Here, Not There.

It’s been a five year wait for their latest offering and the girls revealed that their sound has changed over the course of time.

Ellie explained: “It [Kingdom] is quite different to the previous album. We have a lot more instruments, synths, guitars, drums, base and there is some electronic, dance songs."

She added: “It is a lot more poppy than the last one. it is a progression from the last album. We’re happy with it.”

The girls played at Electric Picnic yesterday and for the first time they had a full band supporting them. Louise said: “We were very nervous, but it was brilliant. We’ve never played with them [full band] before here and we are used to it being a guitar and two vocals and we didn’t know how people would react to our new songs.”

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