Details emerged yesterday about the end of the reality series Jersey Shore and MTV executives are beginning to explain the reasoning for its cancellation.

Chris Linn, MTV's vice president of Programming spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the network's decision to cancel the reality series after six seasons.

Linn said: "We’ve always said we’d do the show for as long as it made sense. We noticed what was going on in their lives, with Nicole ('Snooki' Polizzi) having her baby, the relationships, etc. it felt like the right time to bring it to a close and end on a high note."

When the cast were told, Linn described it as "emotional".

"They were completely plucked out of anonymity and this has changed their lives in ways I don’t think any of us anticipated. It’s been a fast and exciting run, so I think there are a lot of emotions that come into play. I think it’s a bit bittersweet for all of us."

Speaking about the upcoming storylines: "The tension between Mike and Nicole definitely is a key storyline," Linn explains. "My experience watching it, knowing it’s the last season, you see it through a different lens and it has a certain poignancy to it."

When questioned whether the series may get rebooted with a new cast, he responded: "There are no plans for that at this time. I don’t think this is about format, for us it’s always been about this cast."