Nicole Scherzinger reckons her fellow X Factor judge, Gary Barlow should be knighted.

They may not have known each other before the former Pussycat Doll joined The X Factor panel, but in the past few months Nicole Scherzinger and Gary Barlow have become great friends. So much so that Scherzinger reckons the Take That frontman deserves to be knighted.

Speaking to The Sun about her new work colleague she said: ''Gary is brilliant. I didn't really know him before. I think I really liked him the day I found out he won Celebrity Dad Of The Year.

''The pride he takes in his family and children - he's a true gentleman. He's a lovely, honest human. And he's a great dad. All he does is talk about his family. I love that.''

Nicole also admitted she was shocked at how popular Gary is with his fans. She said: ''He's just a Grade A human. It kind of sucks. He puts us all to shame.

''I thought I was something special until I came on the show. I thought the fans were waving at me but they just knocked me aside to take pictures of Gary. I was like, 'Really? That's what's happening now? All right, I'll take the picture of you with Gary'.

''He's going to be knighted. It just sounds right - Sir Gary Barlow.''