Noel Gallagher says that he has scrapped plans to make an album with psychedelic act Amorphous Androgynous.

Speaking to RTÉ Ten before he took to the stage in Marlay Park last Thursday, he said: “That’s gone. My own solo album is still out there and the other one’s still not finished and to get it finished it would mean me trying to finish it while I was on the road sending things backwards, forwards and across and that wasn’t working and by the time I finally got into the studio with it and started pulling it apart, it didn’t sound great so it was decided I’d finish it when I get off this tour but to be honest it’s gone on so long I won’t be in the mood.”

Gallagher also said he liked Beady Eye's debut album and named The Roller as his favourite song by his brother's new band.

"I think their album is pretty good to be honest. They’re fantastic musicians. They’re only one hit single away from outselling The Arctic Monkeys, do you know what I mean?

"They’ve sold 10,000 less but I think they’ve done alright but it’s evident that I’m the one who wrote all the singles in that band (Oasis) before we split so it’s evident that somebody in that group has got to step up and write some singles.

"But it’s good for a first album. it’s not as good as my first album though.”

Gallagher releases a concert DVD entitled International Magic Live from the O2 on October 12.