Coronation Street star Chris Fountain has said that Weatherfield locals fail to believe his character Tommy Duckworth when he tries to expose Kirsty Soames’s violent behaviour. Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Tommy is in for a surprise this week when he finds out that his best friend Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) has become the victim of domestic violence in his relationship with Kirsty.

When Tommy publicly confronts Kirsty (Natalie Gumede) during an argument at the Rovers Return, he is surprised when no one believes his claims.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Fountain said: "Tommy thinks that if he outs Kirsty in public, then Tyrone will have no choice but to admit what's been going on.

"However, rather than that happening, Tyrone then shouts to everyone in the pub about Tommy being involved with drug dealers at the garage - and how he was to blame for Rita being late for her wedding.

"Nobody believes Tommy when he says that Kirsty has been beating up Tyrone, especially considering that she's nine months pregnant. So the tables end up being turned on Tommy and Tina. They're being seen as the bad guys, when really they're just trying to help."

He added: "Tommy and Tina are a bit like outcasts for a bit - everyone thinks that they're just being spiteful and lying about Kirsty. Obviously that couldn't be further from the truth - all they're trying to do is help Tyrone."