Coronation Street newcomer Sol Heras has indicated that he is expecting things to get “much worse” for his character Ryan Connor in the coming weeks.

Ryan returned to the Weatherfield with a drug habit last month, and he continues to lie to adoptive mum Michelle (Kym Marsh) in upcoming episodes by returning to his old ways.

Speaking to Soaplife, Heras said: "I don't think he's dependent on the drugs. Ryan taking drugs is more of a cover-up for his insecurities. The drugs give him confidence. He doesn't think he's an addict, but he's got himself a bad habit.

"Steve's planning to take Ryan to the gig, but when he backs out, Ryan sells the tickets to Sophie to get money to spend on drugs. Then he goes on a bender somewhere, partying all night."

He added: "Things could get much worse for Ryan. Who knows what he'll involve himself in next? I think it will take something big to make it really hit home with Ryan that things have got to change."

"Ryan's obviously upsetting his mum, but he loves her to bits. They were best friends before he went away to university, and that's still there - but he's got caught up in a different lifestyle and his head's all over the place. He's not himself at the moment, but I don't think he could harm her."

Ben Thompson previously played the role of Ryan between 2006 and 2010.