Rachel Weisz has admitted that she signed up for The Bourne Legacy because it was “realistic” and thinks audiences will “identify” with her character Marta.

The 42-year-old actress explained that she loved seeing her on-screen alter ego’s transformation from scientist to “warrior.”

Weisz said: ''I really like the idea of an action movie that is realistic, rather than a superhero movie or people with magic powers.

''And I thought she was a very well-drawn, complicated character, which you almost never get in a genre picture.

''As Marta, I'm a civilian - a scientist. I have a gun because I live alone and this is America.

''I love that as an audience member you can identify with her and think, 'That could be me. What if I was in that situation?' You get to see the evolution from normal bod to action heroine - she becomes a kind of warrior. And she gets put through a lot.''

Rachel further admitted that she has made some “ridiculous” career decisions in the past.

ContactMusic further quote the star as saying: ''Yes but it never worked out. I've had times when I think I want to do something specific next. After The Constant Gardener I wanted to do a comedy. I just couldn't take anything else intense for a bit.

''So I turned down everything to do a comedy, which is a ridiculous game plan. And then a role comes along that you never thought of doing, and you connect with it, and you end up doing it.''