Emmerdale actor Dominic Brunt has revealed that his character Paddy Kirk's custody battle storyline is set to get darker.

Paddy wants to move to New Zealand with his partner Rhona (Zoe Henry) for two years, but Marlon Dingle is threatening his plans as the pub chef doesn't want his young son Leo to be taken away from him.

Brunt spoke about the plot, saying that Paddy's friendship with Marlon will continue to be severely tested in the coming weeks.

He said on This Morning: "I think it's going to get worse before it gets better. It gets very, very dark, and that's great to play.

"You get the scripts sometimes and say, 'Oh, Paddy wouldn't do that - he's a nice chap'. But actually, you think, 'I'm going to play this, see how dark we can get it, and then pull him out the other end'. They love each other and eventually I think it will come good."

The soap star went on to say that is has been enjoyable to film so many heated scenes with Mark Charnock, who plays Marlon.

He explained: "It's superb drama. We've been screaming and shouting at each other for days - it's great. It's brilliant, as it's a right good release. You can walk out completely calm, because you've been screaming and shouting all day!"