Brendan Courtney reckons that the new season of Off the Rails will be the most exciting in the show’s history.

Entering its 15th season, the fashion show with a lot more to it than clothes will once again be presented by Courtney and Sonya Lennon and promises to be celeb-packed and fashion filled.

“We’ve really mixed it up this season,” says Courtney. “We’re looking at a little more lifestyle, looking at friendship and we’re looking at families.

“We’re going to broaden it out and while we do give a massive injection of fashion, we’re focusing on style, and what suits people, and how to work with that.”

Courtney was also keen to emphasise the newness of it all: “We’ve got a new season, we’ve got new titles, we’ve got new music – and Sonia’s got new hair,” he says.

As for the makeup end of the show, the team has also looked at this aspect of Off the Rails and decided to give it a bit of a shake-up.

“We’re going to broaden it out,” says Courtney. “We’re going to be looking at groups of friends, we’re going to do what we call fash-mobs, where we’ll surprise groups of friends who have a birthday party to go to. We’re giving ourselves an awful lot of work to do."

Off the Rails returns to RTÉ One in the autumn