A U2 track will make an appearance in soundtrack for the computer game NBA 2k13, the latest instalment of the popular basketball gaming franchise.

The soundtrack was curated by the game's executive producer, rapper Jay-Z, who convinced the band to include their single Elevate on the game.

2K Sport's vice-president of marketing, Jason Argent, told Billboard.com: "I'm not sure if they've ever been in a video game."

Jay-Z brought together a number of diverse artists for the game soundtrack, including Phoenix, Daft Pink, Justice, Nas, Rakim, Kanye West and Coldplay.

Argent added that the rapper's involvement extended well beyond the music, saying: "Jay is completely obsessed with authenticity.

"So right off the bat, he said 'Look, I love this franchise and I love this game, but if you want me to be involved, I need to be truly involved. I want to actually help make this game."

The game is due to be released on October 2.