Chris Martin blamed the Olympics for forgetting the lyrics to one of their songs at a Boston show last night.

They were about to play Warning Sign when Chris Martin got mixed up and apologised to the crowd saying, "I was thinking about the Olympics. I was distracted. I was not in the breakup frame of mind and I should have been. I'm going to get back into it. I'm going to stop thinking about pole vault, things like that, and I'm going to focus back in on the song. So is everybody else."

He went on to express his excitement about London hosting the Olympics, "It's a big deal, man. We've never had the Olympics in our lifetime so you can't blame a band for thinking about it every once in a while - 'God, the f**king Olympics are happening in London!'"

Before getting back into the song he carried on, "What's more important is the best concert in the world is happening right here, right now, so we'd better carry on", before joking: "F**k the Olympics. Let's have a f**king great time in Boston."

After starting to play Warning Sign again he paused and said, "Please don't tweet that I said, 'F**k the Olympics', I didn't mean that. Please don't turn it into a news story, whatever you do, because we're going to play the end of it. Don't tweet that either! S**t, I'm in a big mess now."

Coldplay will play the closing ceremony of the Paralympics.