Irish actor Brendan Gleeson and Canadian star Taylor Kitsch have joined the cast of The Grand Seduction.

The upcoming comedy is a remake of the 2003 French-Canadian film titled La Grande Séduction directed by Jean-Francois Pouliot and written by Ken Scott.

Scott is credited with writing the remake with Michael Dowse, Deadline reports.

The Grand Seduction tells the story of Tickle Cover, a small harbour town in financial decline. Gleeson will play the character of Murray French, who leads the search for a resident doctor so his town can land a contract to get a factory built in the area.

Friday Night Lights Kitsch will play Dr Paul Lewis, who the residents try to convince to stay in Tickle Cove for good.

Don McKellar will direct the film, which will also feature Mary Walsh, Liane Balaban, Gorden Pinsent and Cathy Jones.