Anne Hathaway has spoken about the extent to which she had to change her lifestyle to play Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises.

The actress worked out extensively in order to get in shape to become the iconic character in the film, so she could perform her own stunts and fight sequences.

She explained to Hello! magazine: "I had to change my lifestyle in order to play this character. Nobody told me to lose weight, but I was told I had to be strong enough to do my own fight scenes, so I spent several weeks getting into the best physical shape I could.

"I made sure I got to the gym and made a conscious effort to make healthy food choices, and yes, I did feel healthier. Not only did I have to get into shape, but I had to maintain it for the ten months of shooting. I definitely did learn better eating habits during that time."

Soon after shooting the blockbuster, Hathaway had to dramatically lose weight for her role as a prostitute with tuberculosis in Les Miserables.

She said of the experience: "I lost 25lb. It was very hard. I lost the first 10 in three weeks and the subsequent 15 in the next two weeks. I don't recommend anyone try this. It was not designed with any health benefits in mind except to make me look like an impoverished prostitute who was near death.

"I'm back to my usual weight now and feeling fine, but while shooting the film I didn't look healthy or good and wasn't supposed to. Dying of tuberculosis is not romantic and it's not pretty."