Christina Aguilera has commended fellow talent judges Britney Spears and Mariah Carey.

Spears is a new addition to the panel of The X Factor USA, while Carey has recently signed-up for American Idol.

Speaking to Extra, Aguilera said: "It's actually cool that these strong women are joining the club and they're going to have fun.

"Britney's so talented, I mean, she's a pro. She's been at it for a number of years now. We did grow up together, basically."

The Voice coach further pitched in: "I just found out about [Mariah Carey joining American Idol] last night.

"You know I love that. All these artists are coming together from all the experience that we've had and we're being able to take that and feed this new wave of talent coming up."

Speaking about Green Day's Billy Joe Armstrong's appointment to the third season of The Voice, Aguilera said:" He's had a tremendous amount of success in the business. I like to switch it up. This one was very intriguing because he comes from a completely different genre of music than I do.

"He's had tremendous obvious stage experience and touring and [I think] he would have some amazing advice and input."

When asked whether the pair will duet on the show, Aguilera replied: "We'll see… stranger things have happened."