Jessie J has cancelled a gig in Wales after contracting a viral infection.

The Domino singer was stage to take to the stage at the Ponty's Big Weekend event in Pontypridd tonight but has fallen ill.

Jessie took to her Twitter page to say: "I want to personally apologise to all my fans who would be going to my show tonight (Pontys Big.W). I have been diagnosed with a viral infection recently that has caused me to be extremely fatigued.

"I was hoping to be better but I have been to see my doctor this morning after not feeling great who has advised me I am still in need of rest & to perform will make me worse. I hope you can all understand that I wish I could be there. But I'm just not well enough. Back to bed I go. So sorry."

The singer recently expressed her enthusiasm about shaving her hair off for charity, claiming that it will happen sooner that she had planned.