Christina Aguilera is working on a dance music comeback track with Britney Spears producer Max Martin.

Speaking to Billboard, a source revealed that the unnamed dance track is based around the chorus line: ''All I want to do is what you wanted."

Aguilera has previously spoken about her plans to release new music before the end of 2012 saying: ''I've been in the studio, hard at work. Different producers I'm working with have just excited me so much and have given me amazing tracks and beats and material I've been writing to.

''It's gonna come out later this year, and I'm very, very excited to share it with my fans, finally.''

Cee Lo Green has also been working on a track with Aguilera.

He told Billboard: ''It's a song for her album. I won't disclose the title, because it could possibly be a working title.

''We've talked about it amongst ourselves, and I'm gonna go in on it and work it out. It'll be the second song we've done.''