Mila Kunis has said she is interested in more aspects of film than just acting and could see herself in a producer role.

In an interview with US magazine Kunis said, "Listen, in five years I do hope to have a family, and who knows? I think in this industry people have such a short shelf life, truly, that I don't know what I'm going to be in five years in regards to acting. I mean, I'd love to produce.

"I can't form a sentence or write an email, so I know I'm definitely not going to go and become a writer, but I would love to explore other facets of this industry, for sure."

She says that she's considering her back-up plan if acting is no longer an option, "This industry can eat you alive. I think it feeds you a lot of bulls*** and then spits you right back out, and then you get caught up in it because so much of it is perception and opinion."

Kunis' latest film Ted has been the biggest opening comedy in the US box office since The Hangover and is set for Irish release on August 8th.