Kate Beckinsale has admitted that she wants to return to romantic comedies.

The Underworld actress explained that she would love to be offered more romantic comedy parts in the future if the scripts were funny enough.

Speaking to Total Film about making a return to the romcom genre she said: "I hope so. I really like the idea of doing as many things as possible.

"I haven't done many romantic comedies because I'm a huge snob about comedy and I often don't find them very funny."

The 38-year-old actress is currently starring in Total Recall alongside Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel and Bill Nighy. She plays the part of Lori, Colin’s on-screen wife who assists him in running from the police after a memory-altering procedure goes wrong.

However, Kate stated that big blockbuster roles are few and far between saying: "The ones that make you go, 'Ooh, let me play that' don't come around every two weeks. I'll go months, maybe even years where I don't find something that I want to do.

"And sometimes you go, 'Right that's it, I can't hibernate forever and you do something that isn't your dream job, but gives you something that's interesting."