Cheryl Cole has spoken about her recent Twitter spat with her former X Factor judge, Louis Walsh.

Speaking to this week’s RTÉ Guide, Cole said. “I actually called Louis a few weeks ago because I read something he said about me. What didn’t he say!? He went to town and I called him and I put it on Twitter. He sent me a text and I tweeted it. I’ve always had a strange relationship with Louis . . . Louis’s just Louis.”

In the Guide interview she also talks about her battle with malaria in 2010 and whether it’s that near-death experience has made her music darker. “I think there are many sides to me but dark? I don’t think so. I’ve been through dark times, don’t get me wrong. I’ve seen the dark side but I like to think that me music is light and refreshing and empowering. I hope it’s not dark.”

Cole, who has just released her third solo album, A Million Lights, says that she has grown up in the past few years. “I was 19 when I got in the industry and I’m 29 now so I’m a woman now and for that reason alone I’m a hell of a lot stronger.

“Society puts an ugly spin on things. There’s a lot of pressure for women to look a certain way, act a certain way and it makes it tough for a woman sometimes I think. In general what we do to ourselves as women, to try and fit and conform to everybody else. It’s hard being a woman sometimes.“

Asked about her exit from X Factor US, she said: “People have this misconception that I have this whole big ambition to break the states,” she says. “It probably came from the fact that I did X Factor US for a second. I actually don’t.

"I’m focussed on here and I’m happy here. If it came into my life and I wanted to do it I would absolutely put my heart and soul into it but I haven’t thought about it."