Cory Monteith has insisted that he will continue to play a major role on Glee.

Monteith’s character Finn decided to enlist in the army in the drama’s third-season finale, but he hinted that he will appear in “a lot” of the show’s fourth season.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter he said: "Finn would make a good soldier but I think he's still got a lot to think about - he still has a lot going for him outside of the army.

"His heart is still with Rachel (Lea Michele) and I think he has a lot of reasons to not be in the army as well. I think he'd be torn as a soldier."

He added that Finn and Rachel's romance is part of the show's "long-term trajectory", encouraging fans to "root for the couple to reunite".

Monteith further pitched in: "I hope when we look back at it, they will be a legendary couple in television."