Russell Crowe is set to play media mogul Rupert Murdoch in an upcoming film, according to reports in the Daily Star.

The 48-year-old actor is reported to have taken on the role of Murdoch in a movie based on Good Times, Bad Times - the memoirs of former Sunday Times editor Harold Evans.

A source said: "You have to be brave to play someone like Murdoch. Russell can do it."

Colin Firth is expected to play Evans, but there are no deals in place yet.

Leon Lecash, creative director of What's it all about?, which is making the movie said: "The film will be a drama, either for the big screen or television.

"No actors or even writers have been signed up yet."

The focus of the film will be on then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's dealings with the Australian tycoon.

Evidence is said to suggest that she manipulated rules to facilitate the deal for Murdoch to buy The Times newspaper in 1981 in return for favourable publicity for her party.