Home and Away star Rebecca Breeds has revealed that Romeo Smith will feel "betrayed" in an upcoming storyline. Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Romeo (Luke Mitchell) is said to be left “devastated” and “shocked” when he discovers that Ruby has lied about being pregnant.

Speaking to TV Week, Breeds said: "I think Ruby could sense things weren't right between her and Romeo. She was scared he'd break up with her.

"Leah is very persistent that Ruby goes to the doctor because of her diabetes, to check everything would be okay for the baby. When Ruby keeps putting it off, she ends up telling Leah the truth. Leah isn't happy and tells Ruby to tell Romeo, or she will."

She added: "I think deep down she knows she made a mistake in lying, but it definitely doesn't come from a bad place. I think Ruby just doesn't want to be alone."

On telling Romeo the truth about her pregnancy, Breeds added: "He doesn't handle it well. Romeo feels betrayed and can't believe Ruby would lie about something like that."