Eva Longoria says that screen siren Marilyn Monroe is her ultimate style icon.

The former Desperate Housewives star revealed that she is a huge fan of the late actress as she just oozed beauty and sex appeal.

She said: ''Marilyn Monroe had that certain something. She never changed her look, and even after her death that blonde hair with the red lips is still glamorous and beautiful. But it's also what she exuded - she was electrifying and you couldn't wait to see what she did next and who she was with. She just had this essence about her that was beautiful.''

Longoria also spoke about how she manages to stay in shape, despite not being a fan of exercise.

She said: ''I hate working out. I hate cardio, I hate running, I hate the treadmill. I like weights, but the rest of it just has to be done. That's why I have a trainer - to make me do it. And I like to get out and about as much as possible, which is easier in Los Angeles, as the sun shines.''