Irish actors Andrew Scott, Niamh Cusack and Stephen Rea are among the cast of BBC Radio 4's new dramatisation of James Joyce's Ulysses, which will be aired during the station's day-long Bloomsday celebrations on June 16.

The seven-part, five-and-a-half hour dramatisation stars Henry Goodman as Leopold Bloom, Scott as Stephen Dedalus, Cusack as Molly Bloom and Rea as the narrator.

BBC Radio 4's Mark Lawson will be in Dublin as "the listener's friend and guide" for the duration of the Ulysses broadcast, which will run in sections from early morning until near midnight.

Lawson will broadcast from various Joycean landmarks and talk to experts and commentators about Joyce's work on the day.

Gwyneth Williams, Controller, Radio 4, said: "I'm delighted to give Radio 4 over to a special celebration of Bloomsday on the 90th anniversary [of publication] of the book. A work of this merit and cultural significance requires special treatment, and Radio 4 is offering a masterly new dramatic adaptation for June 16th by Robin Brooks, with performances to match.

"And with Mark accompanying listeners on their journey through Dublin with his passion and knowledge, we guarantee there will be something for all listeners, from dedicated fans of Ulysses to those who have never quite got round to reading it."