Michael Fassbender has revealed that he finds it difficult to get his head around his newfound fame.

Speaking to Shortlist magazine he said: "It's funny. I've become? 'popular' isn't the word. More interesting, suddenly.
"I don't have a lot of friends, so it's nice to have a lot of people sit down and want to talk to me! No, it's been a hectic year. I actually haven't done any acting since July. It's weird. I'm used to preparing a character, going to work and presenting it. This is a bit of a new deal. It's just airports and hotels.

"That's all I've really seen. In the past five months I've spent, collectively, three weeks at home. No one wants to hear it because I've got a very privileged life, but that can get to you after a while."

He added: "I'd been working a lot and suddenly everything came out back-to-back. My friends were saying, 'Jesus, we can't go anywhere without seeing you.' So I'm thinking, 'I'd better back off here - familiarity breeds contempt.'

"And I try not to read things about myself, but occasionally you can't help it. People who've never met you can have really strong opinions about you. And not everyone likes me. It's kind of scary.”