A sequel to Dumb and Dumber has been confirmed, with the 1994 comedy's original stars Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reprising their roles.

The sequel, which will be directed once more by Peter and Bobby Farrelly, will begin shooting in September.

Peter Farrelly confirmed that the sequel will take place in the present day, rather than continuing where it last left off.

Farrelly told The Huffington Post: "It picks up today. It's 17 or 18 years later. It's not like a month after that happened. It's today. And we explain what they've been doing all those years."

However, he did not provide any plot details, explaining: "I'm sorry to say, that's top secret."

Farrelly also said that he has not seen the poorly-received prequel Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd.

He said: "You know, I never saw it. That's the truth. But, by the way, I wished the filmmakers well on that. I don't blame them for making that movie. They're young guys and the studio said, 'Hey, we want to make this movie'.

They came to us and asked, 'Do you want to make a prequel?' And we said, 'Absolutely not'. Because every 16-year-old is dumb. The idea is that these guys are 45 and they're idiots. That's what is interesting to us.

"So we didn't want to do it, but I hold no ill-will against anybody in that movie. I want to make that very clear. But we just didn't want to do it."