The Saturdays star experienced the "worst moment" of her life when her baby daughter began choking soon after she was born

The Irish pop singer and her rugby playing fiancé Ben Foden welcomed their first daughter Aoife Belle last month, but the couple have now revealed that her arrival was less than smooth.

Speaking to Hello! Magazine they say that soon after her birth Aoife began "forcefully" choking and doctors stepped in to save her life.

Foden says: "We went into panic and pushed the emergency button and the next thing we knew, our baby was whisked away and there were alarm bells ringing and staff running around."

Healy adds: "I was screaming. It was the worst moment of my life. There's this precious little person who you would die for and you just can't bear to think of anything happening to her."

Aoife has now recovered from the scare and the stars are doting on their little daughter.

Healy said: "There hasn't been a dull moment since she was born, what with the feeding and the changing and the visitors and the hours we spend just gazing at her, taking in every little expression."

"During the night, I'll wake up, even when she's sound asleep, and sneak a peek. She'll be lying there, with her tiny hands up by her face - she's so ladylike - and my heart could burst with love for her."