Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan has revealed that she would consider posing for Playboy magazine.

The actress, who is famous for playing Tina McIntyre on the ITV1 soap, told The Sun: "I wouldn't say no to something like Playboy if it's tastefully done. But I will never get my boobs out, unless it was for a professional acting job. They're my boobs. I don't want the world to see them.

"I see them as my private bits and I don't want the whole world judging them. But I'd love to do a period drama one day. I've seen nudity in a period drama and thought it looked tasteful. You weren't going, 'Oh my God - her boobs!' It's not like in a picture where you just look like you're showing them off."

Keegan also spoke about her Sexiest Female win at the British Soap Awards, saying: "It's so flattering but I'm the least sexy person. When I first won it my friends were all laughing. Even I was like, 'Why have I won this?'

"That's why, when I win the sexiest soap star award, part of me is pleased because I think people are voting for Tina. She doesn't try too hard to be sexy and that's good. Girls should be like that. They can relate to her. They don't have to go out with their boobs or bum showing."