Emma Watson is believed to have signed on for Sofia Coppola's next film, which revolves around the 'Bling Ring' of celebrity burglaries in 2008.

The Harry Potter actress is believed to have signed on to play one of the lead roles.

The plot of the film revolves around a group of teenagers in the Los Angeles area who trespassed and burgled the homes of stars such as Orlando Bloom, Rachel Bilson, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

The film reflects the story of the 'Bling Ring', which the film is believed to be called, whose members managed to steal around $3 million worth of goods from various celebrities.

Alexis Neiers, the Reality TV star believed to be the ringleader was given a six month prison sentence, but has yet only served 30 days. It is unclear which part Watson is due to play.

Speaking about the project, Coppola said: "I'm excited about the young cast we're assembling, and I'm looking forward to shooting on location here in Los Angeles".

The Oscar-winning writer and director will write and direct the project. Coppola directed films such as The Virgin Suicides (1999), Marie Antoinette (2006) and Lost In Translation (2003).