Ryan Gosling has responded to reports that he has been ‘snubbed’ by the Academy ahead of next month’s Oscars Awards.

When Russell Crowe heard the news that Gosling didn’t make the Oscar nominations list for Best Actor, he tweeted: “Ryan Gosling didn’t get an Academy nomination? There’s some bull**** right there."

However when asked by The Hollywood Reporter, whether he felt snubbed by the Academy over not receiving an Oscar nomination, Gosling simply said "No."

Gosling is currently in Bangkok, Thailand, preparing to film Only God Forgives with director Nicolas Winding Refn.

When asked how he was enjoying the city, he said: "Incredible... Ever since I came here I've been dreaming about making a film in Bangkok.

"I'm happy to be here. Bangkok is one of my favourite cities - a mixture of everything that's crazy and beautiful."

The actor has spent most of his time there preparing for Muay Thai boxing scenes in the upcoming film, which requires hours of daily training sessions. He said: "It's sparring basically. They don't really use weights. Nicolas is doing it as well."