Kirsten Dunst has claimed that she has managed to maintain a "normal life" despite starting her career at the age at a mere twelve years of age.

The Melancholia star who shot to fame in Interview With The Vampire has stated that she wouldn't change her upbringing, and believes her parents did the right thing in letting her become an actress.

Speaking to Contact Music she said: "My parents did a really good job with me. I was a very extrovert kid and it felt normal to me to act. I've never been a prima donna so I never had problems. I always went to regular schools - I always had my seat at the cafeteria when I came back from acting and I never felt like an alien in my life because of what I did.

"My mum wasn't my manager but she was always with me on set. She would bring the pasta machine and make home-made pasta wherever we went. My mum was way more laid back than my dad, so I had a good balance."

Dunst further revealed that her career occurred by accident when people recommended she take part in commercials because she was such a "happy child."

She added: "My mother told me that when I was born she just knew I would be an actress. Every time we'd go to the grocery store, everyone would come up to her and say, 'Your daughter is so animated, she's such a happy child, she has such a light. You should put her in commercials.' My mum thought, 'Ok we'll try acting and put away some money for college'. I booked my first commercial and that was it."