US President Barack Obama as well as former president Bill Clinton are fans of Homeland.

The spook thriller, currently screening on RTÉ Two on Friday nights, was listed as one of President Barack Obama’s favourite TV shows last year. Now former West Wing resident, Bill Clinton, as well as heavyweight US journalist, Diane Sawyer, have declared themselves front-row fans of the terrorist show.

According to The Hollywood Reporter President Obama requested and received at least four sets of Homeland's season-one episodes on DVD. It has also been reported that a Bill Clinton employee requested DVDs of the show for his boss, a man who also likes the TV drama, 24.

Then Sawyer joined the high-profile Homeland fan club, requesting tapes for the show with the line that she and husband Mike Nichols would not be able to go away on holiday vacation unless they got it.

Earlier this month, the series which currently shooting its sophomore season bagged a brace of Golden Globes for best drama and best actress (Claire Danes).