Chris O'Dowd has revealed that he met his fiancée on Facebook.

The Bridesmaids star who popped the question to presenter and documentary filmmaker Dawn Porter during a recent trip to the island of Guernsey, has revealed that he approached the TV star via a social networking site.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz Dawn said: "Chris introduced himself to me on Facebook. A mutual friend had told him to get in touch while I was living in Los Angeles and he was in LA and then I invited him to my 30th birthday party, and it was there that we met."

Dawn further explained that one of the things she loves most about the 32-year-old actor is that he is romantic but not over the top.

When asked about his proposal she said: "Chris is very romantic. But he's also not showy, and the proposal wasn't showy, so that was nice. It wasn't a funny thing, he was asking me to spend the rest of my life with him, which is quite a serious question, so for once he was being quite serious."