When it comes to her 90th birthday, Betty White is going to celebrate in style starting with a giant party followed by a nice quiet afternoon at home.

The first part of the festivities happened on Sunday in Los Angeles, where NBC taped a TV special, Betty White's 90th Birthday: A Tribute to America's Golden Girl, at which friends and colleagues paid tribute to the legendary actress.

But come January 17, her actual birthday, White, a well-known animal lover, plans to relax with a special friend.

"I'm going to sit back home with my golden retriever Pontiac," she said at a press conference before Sunday's taping. "Usually I'll try to play catch-up with all the things I never will catch up on. I may just do crossword puzzles and indulge myself and have a wonderful time with my dog."

And at the grand old age of 90, it seems this Golden Girl has no plans to slow down. "Everybody says, 'Why don't you retire? Why don't you quit?' Why should I quit when I'm having such a good time? So my New Year's resolution is to appreciate everything that's happening to me, and hopefully, hopefully continue to do it."