Daniel Radcliffe's girlfriend has ordered him to be tidier.

In an interview with the Daily Mail newspaper Radcliffe admitted that his girlfriend, Rosie Coker, has ordered him to improve his domestic skills.

He said: "She says I have a deadline of two years to be a fully-functioning human being around the house.

"I think it means I have to be able to cook for myself better than I can at the moment and it means I can't leave the house in a state the way I do.

"I didn't promise her anything, but I have made it my mission to improve myself. There's certainly progress to be made."

Daniel who is currently living in New York, admitted that he got his mother to clean his apartment in preparation for Rosie's arrival saying: "My mum's here and she came round and tidied everything up for me."

Radcliffe said that while he may not get to see his girlfriend of two years much, he is determined to make the relationship work.

He said: "She's busy, I'm busy but we're making it work and it's good. She's helped me grow up and I love her very much."

Radcliffe added: "When you find somebody as cool and as tolerant as my girlfriend then the clear policy is to cling on to them for dear life."