Singer Sinitta has failed to overcome all her creepy crawly fears on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me out of Here!, retrieving only two stars out of a possible 12 during the first of her two Bushtucker Trials on Sunday's show.

Sinitta, who said that some of her friends were voting for her to face the Bushtucker Trial "for a laugh", was lowered into a water-filled pit, with the stars hidden in holes in the walls.

She retrieved one star from the first hole filled with cane toads; skipped the second hole when she heard it contained snakes, and retrieved her other star from the third hole when hosts Ant and Dec refused to tell her what was inside.

There was another star in that hole but when Sinitta felt something rubbing against her hand she decided she'd had enough and said: "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me out of Here!", thereby ending the Bushtucker Trial.

As she returned to safety, she said: "Oh dear, the shame. I got a feeling of dread. It's getting my mind over that and doing it. The camp won't be impressed and I'm not impressed either. I don't want to go back."

The second Bushtucker Trial, which was shown live, involved Sinitta facing the Horror-ds department store.

Here, there were stars to be won in various 'departments', with the first the jewellery section, where Sinitta had to retrieve bangles from a snake's back.

She succeeded in collecting two stars for the camp.

Then came the food counter, where Sinitta had to hold creatures in her mouth for 20 seconds.

She failed this task and also the one in the luggage department, where she had to catch stars from cases hanging above her.

The next part of the challenge involved retrieving stars from a tank filled with eels, a baby alligator and other shriek-inducers.

Sinitta succeeded in obtaining another star for the camp and then moved on to Santa's Grotto, where she had to unwrap 'presents' full of insects, and the toy department, which contained more gungey delights.

In total, she obtained five stars during her second Bushtucker Trial.