TEN caught up with Pixie Lott ahead of her performance on RTÉ One’s The Saturday Night Show with Brendan O’Connor.

Although only 20, she’s been involved in music for over a decade, was performing at a very early age and familiar with recording studios by her early teens.

The London lass freely admits that she was one of those precocious kids who was always singing and performing at family functions.

“Pretty much, yeah,” she agrees. “I’ve been singing for ages. Like, there are home videos of me singing when I was three, at parties and family events.

“I’ve always wanted to sing and write and be on the stage, so from a young age I was doing auditions, shows at school and then in the West End, TV shows and stuff.

“But I always wanted to be a recording artist so that’s why I started working in a studio when I was really young. I knew what I wanted to do.”

A full-length interview with Pixie Lott will appear in a future RTÉ Guide and here at TEN.

Pixie Lott’s second album Young Foolish Happy is released on November 11.