The cast of Coronation Street are said to be desperate to stop Helen Flanaghan from quitting the soap.

After reports surfaced last week that Flanaghan, who has played Rosie Webster for 12 years, was considering leaving the show due to her ongoing battle with anxiety attacks, her co-star Brooke Vincent has come out to say that the cast is rallying around the actress.

"Our on-screen family, the Websters, are very close and when it first started happening we sat down together and tried to help her," Brooke Vincent told The Mirror.

"We've agreed to rally round to help in any way we can and we've had talks about how we can make this as stress-free a time for her as possible."

"There's no doubt Helen's had a hard time of it lately and everyone is hoping she's going to be okay," a source added. "It is a really close-knit team and everybody's main priority is her health."

Flanaghan recently moved back in with her parents after complaining on Twitter about the paparazzi constantly hounding her.

Flanaghan’s contract at Coronation Street ends in March of next year.