Controversial singer Courtney Love has signed a deal to write her story, according to publisher Harper Collins.

The book is slated to include her life story, from childhood to the present day, her tumultuous road to fame and fortune and the many demons she has fought off. The press release for the memoir proclaims Love will finally 'set the record straight'.

The announcement comes as her late husband, Kurt Cobain, and his band hit the headlines again. Nevermind, one of Nirvana's biggest albums, has been re-released to mark its twentieth anniversary.

Love, never one to shy away from the limelight, first hit the music scene in a big way with her Nineties rock band, Hole. Following their demise she has had a long-running solo career and has also tried her hand at acting. However, her professional endeavours have long been overshadowed by her personal problems.

The book will be a collaboration with writer Anthony Bozza who has written with INXS, Tommy Lee and Slash.

The 'no-holds-barred' book will hit shelves in Autumn 2012.