RTÉ celebrates the life and work of the late Amy Winehouse with an Other Voices special to be shown on RTÉ Two on Wednesday September 21, featuring the singer's 2006 set for the acclaimed music show.

Presented by Annie Mac, When Amy Came to Dingle tells the story of Winehouse's visit to the Kerry town in December 2006 and features a six-song set and an extended interview she gave after her performance to John Kelly.

The makers of the show said: "The programme steps back to a time and a place when vitality, promise and potential were Amy's calling cards, before her personal troubles overtook her enormous musical achievements and tabloid headlines defined her life.

"Just before 9pm on December 3, 2006, Amy Winehouse took to the stage at St James' Church and in an emotional and personal performance she claimed the hearts of the tiny audience that packed the church to its rafters.

"Immediately after her performance she left the stage a relaxed and happy Amy Winehouse, crossed the road to Benner's Hotel where she spoke with the show's host, John Kelly, about her music, her influences and her plans for the immediate future.

"She devoured a plate of oysters from Lord Baker's next door and visited one of Dingle's famous hostelries, Foxy John's, before climbing into a taxi and driving off into the night – a four-hour visit that left an indelible impression on those who were lucky enough to see her perform."

When Amy Came to Dingle is on RTÉ Two on Wednesday September 21 at 11.20pm.

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