Irish actor Brendan Gleeson has revealed that he loves when his work takes him back home to Irish soil.

Gleeson’s new film The Guard was shot in Connemara alongside Hollywood heavyweight Don Cheadle.

Although speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Gleeson admitted that if the script wasn’t up to scratch he wouldn’t have taken the role.

He said: "If the script is not up to it then I don't work at home, that's it. If we haven't the chance of making something proper, I don't care where the script is going to be shot.

"But to have a script of that quality, and then to have the chance to have it at home, and with such a spectacular sense of place... that sense of place comes so particularly strongly out in the movie."

Speaking about his sons, who both work in the film industry, Gleeson said: "There are three of us in the business in a way now, myself and Domhnall and Brian who's younger, we've worked out a way - I didn't know whether it would ever happen that way, but it is a real bonus the fact that we worked out a way of not being anything other than constructive in the way we work together."