The Oscar winning film, The King’s Speech, is set for a Broadway opening.

The story of how George VI overcame a speech impediment to lead his country through the dark days before the outbreak of World War II won four Oscars last February including Best Picture and Best Actor for Colin Firth in the title role.

David Seidler, who won the Oscar for best original screenplay, originally wrote the true-life period drama story about King George VI as a play before rewriting it for the screen. "When I adapted the play version back into a screenplay version, everybody was absolutely thrilled and delighted, and I got kudos," Seidler told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year. "It made everything happen."

Now the stage play is about to happen with an autumn 2012 opening slated for the Great White Way (with a ‘way-off-off Broadway' preview opening in the UK in early 2012). The play will be directed by Adrian Noble but none of the film’s actors are expected to reprise their roles.