Bond star Daniel Craig has revealed that he will never become a part of Facebook or Twitter.

Speaking to Seven magazine, Craig expressed his views on social networking, saying it allows people to be disconnected when they should just spend time together in person.

"I am bloody not [on Facebook]. And I'm not on Twitter either... 'Woke up this morning, had an egg'? What relevance is that to anyone? Social networking? Just call each other up and go to the pub and have a drink.

"There's some talk of a new class-system paradigm - that, in future, the world will be divided between those who 'get' social networking and those who don't. I'm really not bothered. But I hope the generations to come learn to be a little bit cynical and learn how to mess it up a bit."

When asked whether he Googles his own name, Craig admitted that he tries to avoid it. He said: "It's like there's a bunch of sociopaths out there who want to go out and rip you to pieces."