The Hangover star Bradley Cooper thinks there should be a third instalment of the comedy film to tie up the series.

They may have been set in different locations but the concept didn’t change between the first and second Hangover movies - a group of male friends retrace the events of the previous drunken evening – and yet 36-year-old Cooper reckons there’s still room for a third helping of their raucous antics.

He said: "I hope there is going to be a Hangover 3. I'll do whatever Todd (the director) wants to do, he's the best, he's the greatest.

"And I love those guys and I love my character Phil so I would do it in a heartbeat."

He continued: "It was the hardest shoot I've ever done but I just love it. There's got to be a trilogy, you've got to close it up."

Do you think there should be a Hangover 3?