Sarah Jessica Parker has revealed that she suffers from severe anxiety on film sets when starting new roles.

The actress revealed to Vogue in a recent interview that she had to deal with a bout of nerves while shooting her forthcoming film I Don't Know How She Does It alongside Pierce Brosnan.

Parker told the magazine: "I lose my appetite. By Wednesday of the first week on I Don't Know How She Does It, I was sobbing.

"I was apologizing. I was feeling so awful and ashamed, like I had let the director down. If only they would not tell me when the camera was running, I would be okay. I'm like that two weeks into every movie."

However, the Sex and the City star added that she felt "comforted" by co-star Brosnan, as he experienced similar difficulties as an actor.

She said: "He was a nervous wreck. Of course, by then I was really relaxed, but I was so comforted by it."