Alicia Keys will re-release her debut album, Songs in A Minor, today as a special 10th anniversary deluxe collector's edition.

The album includes six extra tracks, three unreleased songs and three re-worked versions of album tracks. Special editions also include a concert DVD and mini-documentary.

The 30 year-old singer tweeted last night "Wow! SO excited abt 2morrow!!! Feels like the first time all over again!!! Whoohoo! SO much love 2 u! Now,going 2 bed b4 I can't get up! ;-)"

All through June, Keys is updating her official website with personal momentos, diary entries and fan messages and videos. The website is dedicated to documenting her ten years as an artist and goes through year by year accounts and memories.

"People say you have your whole life to make your first album. And it took so much of my life making that first record" Alicia writes.

"Growing up and walking down 42nd street, I’d see gatherings of people and there’d be guys banging on the buckets. They lift the buckets with their feet and that’d change the tone of the bucket. And then when the bucket was down on the floor that’d change the tone. These were the rhythms in my heart. These were the people in my heart. These stories were real. I knew these men and women. This was where I lived, what I saw, this is what I experienced— and this is what ended up on that first album."

Originally the album was called Soul Stories in A Minor, but was changed last minute, also cutting back from 32 tracks to 16. "I had been playing piano since I was seven, and writing songs since I was 11, but I didn’t have a ton of experience putting it all together. It took years to figure out how to get the sound of the record" Keys adds.

Stream the new album on AOL here